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About NOAH


Founded in 2010, The NOAH Foundation is a research and educational institution - a brain trust - whose mission is to research, educate, and provide solutions for improving our national electrical grid.

Our purpose is to educate the American people about the importance of securing the grid.  

As Americans, we are very dependent upon the grid.  It’s not only the electricity that powers our homes, it is much more extensive than that.  It affects every aspect of our lives.  Electricity is the difference between feeling safe in well-lit buildings and streets, or vulnerable in the dark; between food kept well-preserved in refrigeration and water pumping through pipes, or dinner spoiling and taps gone dry.

The issue is our electrical grid system is aging, in disrepair, unsecured and exposed.  America’s electric power grid could become paralyzed in several different ways; such as snow or ice storms, hurricanes or tornadoes, solar storms, cyber attack, and possible economic collapse.

As part of this important movement in protecting our nation’s grid we must begin to enhance reliability and quality of our critical infrastructures.  We believe the most effective solutions are consistent with those ideas and principles. Our vision is to build an America where we all join together to support and correct a forthcoming problem.  

NOAH’s experts conduct exercises that test and provide for improved contingency operations, assuming widespread multi-infrastructure degradation.  They are also working on improved food, water and energy solutions.

Governed by an independent Board of Trustees, The NOAH Foundation is an independent, tax-exempt institution.  NOAH relies on the private financial support of the general public - individuals, foundations, and corporations - for its income.


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Sid Morris

Sid Morris, Founder​

Peter Pry

Dr. Peter Pry, Homeland Security

William Radasky, Metatech

Dr. William Radasky, President & Managing Engineer of Metatech

Bill Forstchen One Second After

Bill Forstchen, Historian & Author

Cynthia Ayers

Cynthia Ayers, VP of EMPAct America

Peter Pry

Greg Wessling, Chief Operating Officer

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